Best PS4 games under ₹5000: Unleash the gamer in you with 8 picks


Among these gems is ‘God of War’, a masterpiece that combines intense combat with a deeply moving narrative. ‘Spiderman’ swings into the mix, offering an exhilarating open-world experience in the iconic cityscape of New York. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, ‘Grand Theft Auto’ provides a sandbox of high-paced action and exploration. ‘Far Cry’ enters with its unique blend of exploration and survival in breathtaking environments.

Each game on this list has been chosen for its ability to provide a unique gaming experience, pushing the boundaries of storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and visual excellence. They’re not just games; they are gateways to new worlds, each offering a distinct journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the PS4 platform, these titles under 5000 promise to unleash the gamer in you. Prepare to dive into worlds where every turn brings a new adventure, every decision impacts your journey, and every moment is a story waiting to unfold.

1. PS4 GOD OF WAR – Ragnarok Standard

The PS4 GOD OF WAR – Ragnarok Standard is a tour de force in storytelling and gameplay, elevating the PS4 gaming experience to new heights. This title sees Kratos and Atreus navigating the treacherous path of Norse mythology, culminating in the prophesied Ragnarök. The game’s heart lies in the evolving relationship between father and son, set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes and monstrous foes. With a robust combat system, the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos return with new abilities, making every encounter both strategic and visceral. The game’s exploration aspect is equally rewarding, offering a blend of breathtaking visuals and engaging puzzles. This title is more than a game; it’s a masterclass in narrative-driven action, providing an experience that’s both emotionally resonant and wildly entertaining.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Engaging storyline with deep Norse mythology elements May be intense for younger players
Enhanced combat mechanics offering varied strategies Requires significant time investment

2. EA Sports FC 24 | Standard Edition | PlayStation 4

The “EA Sports FC 24” for PlayStation 4 marks a significant leap in football gaming. Offering an extensive roster of over 19,000 licensed players and more than 700 teams across 30 leagues, it captures the global spirit of the sport like never before. The game introduces Ultimate Team Evolutions, adding a new dimension to player development and team building. Its inclusive approach also integrates women footballers, allowing for mixed-gender matches. The career modes, both Manager and Player, are more immersive, with detailed storytelling and progression. The addition of cross-play in Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL enhances the multiplayer experience. The game’s graphics and gameplay mechanics are top-notch, providing a realistic and fluid football experience. EA Sports FC 24 isn’t just a game; it’s a comprehensive football universe that caters to fans’ passion for the sport.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Wide selection of teams and players Might be overwhelming for casual players
Inclusive with women footballers and mixed teams Requires regular updates for best experience

3. Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4)

“Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” for the PS4 offers an exhilarating web-slinging experience that is both refreshing and familiar. In this chapter, players step into the shoes of the charismatic Miles Morales, navigating the dual life of a young superhero. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Marvel’s New York, the game seamlessly blends high-flying action with a compelling narrative. The game excels in its storytelling, character development, and visually stunning graphics. The combat system is fluid, offering new venom abilities that set Miles apart from his mentor, Peter Parker. The game strikes a perfect balance between thrilling superhero escapades and touching moments of human connection, making it a standout title for both fans of the franchise and newcomers.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Immersive narrative with strong character development Shorter than other open-world games
Innovative venom abilities enhance combat  

4. God of War | PS4 Game (PlayStation 4)

“God of War” for PlayStation 4 is a monumental achievement in gaming, offering a profound narrative fused with spectacular action. This instalment reinvents the series with a focus on Norse mythology, taking players on a journey with Kratos and his son, Atreus. The game’s heart lies in the complex father-son relationship, set against a backdrop of mythological intrigue and breathtaking landscapes. Combat is visceral and strategic, with the Leviathan Axe providing a satisfying and powerful tool in battles. The game’s exploration is rewarding, filled with puzzles and secrets. The narrative is a masterclass in storytelling, with each character arc thoughtfully crafted. “God of War” is more than a game; it’s a profound tale of redemption, growth, and the bonds of family, making it an unforgettable experience for any gamer.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Deeply engaging narrative and character arcs May be intense for younger players
Innovative combat system with strategic depth Some puzzles may be challenging for casual gamers

5. Grand Theft Auto V – Premium Edition (PS4)

“Grand Theft Auto V – Premium Edition” for PS4 is a landmark in open-world gaming, delivering an expansive and engaging experience. The game plunges players into the enthralling lives of three distinct characters, entangled in high-stakes criminal activities across the vibrant city of Los Santos. The premium edition enriches the experience with the inclusion of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for GTA Online, offering a substantial head start in the online world. The storytelling is top-notch, with a perfect blend of action, humour, and drama. The freedom to explore a richly detailed world, coupled with a range of activities and missions, makes this edition a comprehensive package for both new and returning players. The game’s ability to balance a vast open world with compelling narrative arcs is a testament to its exceptional design and enduring appeal. It is one of the most famous games of all times, while being the highest selling game in history. Every gamer should try this at least once.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Expansive open-world with rich storytelling Mature content may not be suitable for all audiences
Comprehensive online starter pack included Requires significant time investment for progression

6. PS4 Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

“PS4 Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut” takes players on a breathtaking journey through feudal Japan. As Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior, players must navigate a path of honor and vengeance in a fight to protect Tsushima Island from invading forces. The Director’s Cut enhances the experience with additional content, including the new Iki Island expansion, adding more depth to the storyline. The game’s standout features are its stunning visuals, fluid combat system, and immersive open-world exploration. It masterfully blends historical authenticity with mythical elements, creating a captivating narrative. The attention to detail in every aspect, from the wind-swept fields to the culturally rich environments, makes this edition an artistic masterpiece. It is a must-play for anyone seeking a deeply engaging and visually spectacular gaming experience.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Stunning visuals and immersive open-world Requires significant time investment
Engaging storyline with additional content Combat may be challenging for casual gamers

7. PS4 Minecraft Starter Collection

The “PS4 Minecraft Starter Collection” is a gateway into a world where creativity and imagination reign supreme. This edition offers a sandbox experience like no other, allowing players to construct, explore, and survive in a dynamically generated world. The inclusion of the Marketplace and add-ons in the Starter Collection unleashes a myriad of possibilities, providing unique maps, skins, and texture packs. The game’s open-ended nature encourages experimentation and self-expression, making it an endless source of entertainment. The ability to modify game behaviour through slash commands adds an educational aspect, appealing to both young minds and adult players. The game’s low-tech graphics are part of its charm, offering a retro feel that contrasts with modern gaming trends. Minecraft’s appeal lies in its simplicity and the power it gives players to shape their world, making it a timeless choice for creative gaming.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Limitless creative potential Graphics may seem dated to some
Customization with Marketplace and add-ons Can be overwhelming for new players

8. Far Cry 6 Yara Edition (PS4)

“Far Cry 6 Yara Edition” for PS4 transports players to the heart of a tropical paradise steeped in political turmoil. The game sets a new benchmark in the series with its compelling storyline, focused on the liberation of the fictional nation of Yara from a tyrannical regime. The protagonist, Dani Rojas, brings a fresh perspective to the Far Cry experience, blending guerrilla warfare tactics with a deeply personal mission. The Yara Edition includes exclusive content like the Croc Hunter pack and Libertad pack, enhancing the gameplay experience. The game’s open-world design is breathtaking, filled with lush landscapes and dense urban areas that encourage exploration. The balance of intense combat, strategic planning, and narrative depth makes Far Cry 6 a standout in the action-adventure genre. It’s a game that challenges players not only with its gameplay but also with its thought-provoking themes.

Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid
Engaging storyline with political undertones May contain intense violence for some players
Rich open-world environment to explore Some repetitive gameplay elements

Best 3 features for you


Product Name Run Time Genre Developer
PS4 GOD OF WAR – Ragnarok Standard 25-30 Hours Fighting RPG Santa Monica Studio
EA Sports FC 24 Standard Edition PS4 Single Player: 12.5 Hours
Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4) 12 Hours Action Adventure Insomniac Games
God of War PS4 Game (PlayStation 4) 20-25 Hours Fighting RPG
Grand Theft Auto V – Premium Edition (PS4) 32 Hours Action Adventure Rockstar Games
PS4 Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut 25 Hours RPG Sucker Punch Productions
PS4 Minecraft Starter Collection No Limit Adventure Mojang Studios
Far Cry 6 Yara Edition (PS4) 23.5 Hours First Person Shooter Ubisoft Toronto

Best value for money:

Among the PlayStation 4 games listed, “Grand Theft Auto V – Premium Edition” stands out as the best value for money. Priced under 5,000, it offers an expansive, richly detailed open world teeming with life and possibilities. The Premium Edition not only includes the complete and engrossing GTA V story experience but also provides free access to the dynamic world of GTA Online, along with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. The amount of content, combined with the game’s replayability and constant updates in GTA Online, ensures players get exceptional value for their investment.

Best overall product:

The “PS4 Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut” earns the title of the best overall product. This game is a masterpiece of storytelling, set in the beautifully recreated island of Tsushima. The Director’s Cut offers an enhanced version of the original game, including a new story expansion on Iki Island, improved graphics, and additional features unique to the PS4. The game’s breathtaking visuals, compelling narrative, and engaging combat system make it an unforgettable experience, providing exceptional value and quality that stands out in the gaming world.

How to find the best PS4 games under 5,000:

Finding the best PS4 games under 5,000 involves considering several factors. First, look for games with high ratings and positive reviews from both critics and players. Researching online gaming forums and websites like Metacritic can provide insights into game quality. Next, consider your preferred genres, whether action, adventure, role-playing, or others. Games often go on sale, especially during festive seasons, so keeping an eye on online marketplaces and local retailers for discounts is beneficial. Additionally, check for editions that offer additional content, like special or deluxe editions, as they often provide more value. Lastly, consider games with good replayability or extensive online modes, as they offer longer-lasting entertainment.



Question : Can I find multiplayer games under ₹5,000 for PS4?

Ans : Yes, there are several multiplayer games available under ₹5,000 for PS4, including popular titles in sports, action, and online adventure genres.

Question : Are there any kid-friendly PS4 games in this price range?

Ans : Absolutely, the PS4 platform offers a variety of kid-friendly games under ₹5,000, including educational and fun titles suitable for younger audiences.

Question : Do these games come with additional downloadable content (DLC)?

Ans : Some games might offer DLC, either included in the price or available for separate purchase, which extends the game’s content and playability.

Question : Are these games available in digital or physical format?

Ans : Most PS4 games under ₹5,000 are available in both digital and physical formats, depending on your preference. We have lsited the physical alternatives.

Question : How often do PS4 games go on sale?

Ans : PS4 games frequently go on sale, especially during holiday seasons, mid-year sales, and special promotional events, offering great opportunities to grab games at lower prices.

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Published: 25 Jan 2024, 01:33 PM IST


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